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Delivering powerful digital marketing & media solutions

wesite design
Web Site Design & Managemnet

A Website is the most important and powerful marketing tool for all business or event promotion. This is where you can have your very own e-commerce store and give your followers and prospective sponsors a complete view of your career.




*Social Links


*Merchandise Store

*Contact directory


Video Production

Video marketing is the most engaging way to stay relevant and increases your chances of building on a much bigger audience. We film, edit and produce dynamic videos and highly recommend this be a big part of your promotional campaigns or if you just want to have an ever lasting memory. 


*Promotional Video

*Portfolio Bio Video

-Live Stock Sales

-Sporting events

Branding & Identity

Branding, by definition, is a marketing practice we use to create a name, symbol or design that is easily identifiable as belonging to you. This helps to identify your product with merchandising and advertisment and is used across the board on all social media platforms.




social media
Social Media Marketing

Social Media has become a very popular and powerful way to build fighters profiles but knowing how to use social media as a digital marketing tool can be tricky for professional fighters, we provide advice and tools to show you how.


*Blue Mark

*Group marketing



*Video Promotions

*Privacy and Protection



Media management
Media Management

Media Management should always be taken very seriously, this is one of the key factors to growing your fan base. We have direct contact to the biggest and best media networks and provide the best mangement for all professional fighters.

*Press releases

*Written Articles


*Damage control 

Sponsorship Stack/Press Kits

When seeking sponsorship or investments it's important to have a professional digital marketing foundation, this also includes a sponsorship stack and press kit. We design and create professional, detailed sponsorship stacks and press kits taking you to the next level.

*Sponsorship Stack

*Press Kits

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